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For a practical solution to expanding your Nottingham home, opt for one of our stunning orangeries. You can enjoy a larger living space without having to invest in a new property. Benefit from a comfortable living space all year round with our thermally efficient, durable orangeries.

The versatility of orangeries makes them the perfect home addition, with freedom to create a space bespoke to you. You may choose to design a lounge area for an inclusive space the entire family can enjoy. Or you may choose a secluded room to relax and unwind in.

Here at Regal, we are specialists in installing fantastic double glazing products in Nottingham, The Midlands, Staffordshire, Cheshire and surrounding towns. With over 25 years’ experience in the industry, we have a wealth of knowledge to deliver an excellent service.

Orangeries Nottingham home

Double Glazing

We install incredible double glazing as standard on all our orangeries. This is a durable solution for thermal retention and longevity.

Premium Materials

We only use the highest class materials when manufacturing our orangeries. Increase the value of your Nottingham home with our fantastic, market leading materials.


Enjoy a space that will last for years. Your orangery will perform at a high standard for decades, making it a worthwhile investment.

Thermally Efficient

We ensure each one of our premium materials excels in thermal retention. From the super-insulated columns to the stunning double glazing, you can relax in a warm Nottingham property. While some older extensions may become too cold and therefore unusable in winter, our exceptional orangeries challenge that.

We install various elements with clever technology, which regulates the thermal energy of your orangery. This means you can enjoy a space that lets daylight penetrate in while staying cool during the summer. During winter, you can utilise the natural heat in your Nottingham home to warm your orangery, which is trapped in by our fantastic double glazing.

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Professional Service

Here at Regal, we are experts in the manufacture, design and installation of quality double glazing.  Our reliable service consists of a dedicated team, equipped with a range of skills and knowledge. The entire process is efficient and performed with great care and attention to detail.

Our work is driven by our customers, as we strive to provide exceptional service. Each project is unique, with our team providing a personal touch. We are here to offer advice and support if need, although every design decision is yours to make.

orangeries nottingham stylish
orangeries nottingham house

Roof Styles

We give you full creative freedom in designing your dream orangery. The roofing systems we have all offer energy efficiency and robust structural integrity. From glass roofs to solid and tiled options, we have something that will suit your aesthetic.

We have a whole host of security measures in place in our orangeries. We fit innovative multi-point locking system in our doors, along with sturdy hinges. The glass and frames are incredibly strong from the core, protecting you from unwanted intruders. Your safety won’t be compromised in our secure orangeries.

Whatever the unpredictable weather brings, you will be warm and dry in our orangeries. Our double glazing holds off any cold draughts or rain from seeping, that may otherwise cause rot or damp. All our frames are tightly sealed to ensure maximum weather protection.

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Here at Regal, we work with a variety of budgets in a variety of property types. Our orangeries are bespoke to each customer, making your new fitting unique. Add style and value to your Nottingham home with our orangeries.

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